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What Size Car Lift Do I Need? Safety In The Shop-Oklahoma Car Lifts

When preparing to install a new automotive lift in your shop it is important to understand the weight and size ratings for the vehicles you will be working on.

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Contrary to some beliefs, the lift capacity is not rated for overall weight. What we mean is if you have a 9000 lb. vehicle (such as a diesel truck), you will need more than a 10k lb. lift. The reason is that the lift is rated per swing arm. Basically, you need to divide the overall capacity of the lift by 4 and that will show you the maximum rating per swing arm.

Most vehicles weigh more in the front where the engine is located causing the front swing arms to be overloaded, such as when using a 10k lift for a 9,000 lb. vehicle. Obviously, this can be a major safety hazard!

Always check your lift ratings and manuals, or contact us with any questions and concerns.

Hoffman Automotive Equipment is here to serve car shops across Oklahoma, ensuring safety and efficiency for all.

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