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This week I am going to highlight two-post lifts, one of the most popular pieces of equipment for many automotive shops.

What is a 2-post lift?

This type of hydraulic lift is surface-mounted, lifts vehicles between two-posts, with or without an overhead beam. The lift utilizes swing-arm engagement for positioning the vehicle, but some models offer alternatives such as runways/ramps.

Two-post lifts have easily become the best-selling "frame-engaging" lifts. These lifts provide an easy drive-thru work experience.

There are two types of 2-post lifts: symmetric and asymmetric. Both of these options are great, but provide a slightly different stance. Asymmetric lifts are designed to increase space once the vehicle is in place, utilizing a 30-degree angle on each post with shorter front swing-arms.

GREATEST BENEFITS: Cheaper than most, fully accessible wheels, more accessibility to the car, and easy to pull through. Makes for a quick, pain-free job!

At Hoffman Automotive Equipment and we offer two-post lifts in Oklahoma that are affordable and come from some of your favorite brands, including Challenger lifts, JohnBean, Hofmann, and more. Hoffman Automotive Equipment also specializes in repairs, sales, installs, removals, and inspections of various two-post lifts throughout Oklahoma and surrounding states. Call today!

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