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Safety Inspections: What You Can Look For

To ensure safety around your automotive lifts there are many things to be aware of- how to properly use the lift, maintenance, timely updates, and inspections.

While yearly inspections are recommended to promote the most safe environment, and for insurance purposes, there are some key things you can do and watch for to stay on top of your crew's safety.

Know your safety features and how they should work.

While this can seem simple enough, many may not notice when parts are not functioning optimally. Important features to watch are lock mechanisms, cables, swing arms, and pulleys. These parts also benefit from regular cleaning and lubricating with WD-40.

You should also check car lift cables for fraying in between inspection visits. Whenever these parts begin to wear down, it is essential to get them replaced as soon as possible.

Check hoses for seeping or leaking, as well as fluid levels. Note: always check and refill fluid levels while the lift is fully lowered.

Finally, never hesitate to contact Hoffman Automotive Equipment about concerns or to have us provide certified inspections to protect you and your business. Stay safe!





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