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Product spotlight: 20K HEAVY-DUTY 2-POST / ADJUSTABLE

Heavy- duty and excellent for fleet maintenance, this Challenger Lift is all there!

The CL20 2-post lift is built with superior strength and durability for vehicles up to 20,000 lbs.

The 2-Stage arms ensure stability during lifting, while the adjustable width makes it suitable for various vehicle sizes. The optional 2′ column extensions allow your shop to handle even taller vehicles.

If you are running fleet maintenance in your shop or just want a stronger, heavy-duty option for your mechanic work, contact us at Hoffman Automotive Equipment.

Hoffman Automotive Equipment is locally owned and operated near Tulsa, Oklahoma. We sell, service, install, and inspect automotive lifts and other equipment throughout the state of Oklahoma! Let us know how we can help your automotive shop or garage.

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