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In a state, national, or global crisis, such as the Coronavirus pandemic, government officials may decide to shut down businesses to reduce the severity of the epidemic. While doing so, leaders have acknowledged that we all have "essential services" that should remain open- no matter what!

One major "essential service", as reported by numerous state governments, is AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR SHOPS and related facilities.

Of course! Who else will maintain police, military, or other emergency vehicles?!

But there is another service to consider... Who will keep your shops running?

Hoffman Automotive Equipment is keeping our doors open throughout the time of crisis, supporting shops statewide. Automotive lifts break down, malfunction, need repair, and need inspections all.the.time. We are here for you. We are supporting our state. We are supporting our nation - one shop at a time.

Contact us for assistance. We will keep your business running smooth and safe... while keeping our distance, with washed hands!

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