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Choosing a car lift for your business or home can be tricky. Between brands, types, and constant upgrades, there is nearly an endless list of options and fits.

Follow along below as we describe the basics for the TYPES of lifts and how they may suit your needs.


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Two-post lifts have become the best-selling "frame-engaging" lifts. These lifts provide an easy drive-thru work experience.

There are two types of 2-post lifts: symmetric and asymmetric. Both of these options are great, but provide a slightly different stance. Asymmetric lifts are designed to increase space once the vehicle is in place, utilizing a 30-degree angle on each post with shorter front swing-arms.

GREATEST BENEFITS: Cheaper than most, fully accessible wheels, more accessibility to the car, and easy to pull through. Makes for a quick, pain-free job!


Also known as the "alignment lift", 4-post lifts are wheel-engaging and more sturdy than those with two posts.

Four-post lifts are highly common in the industries that focus on repairs, thanks to the security they provide. Some of these lifts are "not secured" and have caster wheel sets, providing easy mobility of the entire lift. Certain models of this lift make excellent at-home storage units for vehicles.

GREATEST BENEFITS: Extra security, wheel engagement, alignment system capability.

Keep in mind- the extras do place these lifts at a higher price than 2-posts.


The name describes it all. Scissor lifts are built with a metal frame of X's that support the runways. This accordion-like lift is more appealing to the eye than the typical four-post lift, whether standing or in use.

GREATEST BENEFITS: Large variety of lifting capacities and heights, built with wheel and frame engaging options.


Also known as a "wheel-engaging lift", alignment lifts are built with two drive-on runways, each with turn plates fastened on top to allow the wheels to turn easily without resistance. This lift model comes with extra features for providing easy alignment services on both cars and trucks.


Appealing to the eye when lowered, the in-ground lift sits mostly flush to the ground-- you may never know it was there! This feature was responsible for making in-ground lifts the standard in vehicle servicing for many years.

In-grounds can come in two options- frame or wheel engaging. These are typically lifted on two columns and tend to have less security than many above-ground options. One major drawback is the total cost, as the lift itself is more expensive than others, as is the installation price.


Here is an option for small businesses or home shops! Portable automotive lifts can be stored away easily when not is use. This type of lift is not meant for heavy-duty work and should be used cautiously. Lift capacities of these lifts may be limited, but their portability and storage options are not!

The most common models of these lifts are found in four-post and scissor lifts. There are, however, some single-post options!


When heavy equipment comes your way, this lift has your back. Mobile column lifts are wheel-engaging and movable, as they are meant to be placed by hand near every wheel on your vehicle. Each column is a separate unit, all of which work together to create an even lift.

Wow, so much to consider, and that barely scratches the surface! If you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts to share, reach out to us and let's put two heads together. Let us help you choose the lift that is right for you.

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