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Welcome back! This week's spotlight is coming to you from no random choice. Over the last few months we have seen a great increase in demand for new alignment lifts and alignment systems in Oklahoma. For now, I am going to discuss some benefits of alignment racks.


It has become widely known that wheel alignments provide some of the greatest profit to the automotive industry! Every car SHOULD get wheel alignments at some point to help improve smooth driving, increase fuel mileage, etc. Of course there will be a need for this equipment in nearly every city.

This side of the industry can help bring in extra revenue, no matter what type of automotive shop you currently run. And the lift does not need to be used for that alone! Need extra height and security for oil changes, transmission repairs, and more? Car scissor lifts and other 4-posts can all benefit your shop.

WARNING! If you are wanting to add this to your services, outdated equipment can cause more struggle than benefit! Please consider newer alignment equipment, their greatest benefit reportedly being faster service time, which allows for MORE vehicles and MORE service.

Hoffman Automotive Equipment provides many of your favorite brands of alignment racks in Oklahoma, including Challenger, Bendpak, and Hofmann lifts. Contact us for more information on these alignment lifts in Oklahoma, or for a referral.


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