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2-Post Versus 4-Post Automotive Lifts- Which One Do I Need?

2-post car lift versus 4-post... which is better?

What is the difference? Which one do I need?

Whether you're an amateur opening a garage or car shop or a full service maintenance shop, car lifts are essential to keep things running smoothly and safely in the shop.

As for which lift may be right for you, that depends on the services you're wishing to provide or what you intend to do with your shop!

4-post car lifts automotive lifts in oklahoma

The four post lift is an excellent storage option as well as a multi-service support. This automotive lift has two steel runways that run the length of the vehicle and lifts it by the wheels. The four post can be useful for oil changes, brake work, exhaust work, and many other services simultaneously.

2-post car lift automotive lifts car shop lifts oklahoma

The two-post lift, on the other hand, can provide more room for the shop and is useful for quick services and repairs. This lift supports vehicles in four places on the frame and provides full access underneath the vehicle.

*two-post lifts are not recommended to hold vehicles for extended periods of time*

Each type of lift is useful for servicing vehicles and the "right one" depends on your goals, the space available in your shop, and your personal preference.

We would love to help you find the right fit for your shop!

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