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Challenger 2 post lift for sale oklahoma

We carry multiple lift options to meet a variety of needs. Common lifts that we supply are 2-posts, 4-posts, scissor lifts, and inground. We are not limited to big shop equipment though!

For example, our 4-post GARAGE LIFT comes in lighter-weight styles that are easy to store and operate. We even offer PORTABLE options, and they are affordable!

If you are needing lifts for your personal garage or a shop, we have you covered.


Regular maintenance or inspections of your equipment is a MUST if you wish to maintain a safe work environment, as well as a top-of-the-line business!


We provide thorough lift inspections for shops across the state, ensuring all standards are upheld and repairs are performed as needed. 

Our inspections include:                  full maintenance checks of the lift, tightening anchor bolts, and adjusting equalizer cables. Minor repairs may be performed at the time of inspections, if possible. 

Schedule your inspections with us today!


Tire changers, wheel balancers, alignment systems, and MORE!

We have a variety of equipment available, both new and used, from makers such as CEMB, Pro-Cut, and Snap-on!



Who Is Serving You? 

Based out of Mannford, Oklahoma, we are a family owned and operated business which began around the year of 2014 with intentions of supplying automotive lifts.


Since our start, we have become distributors for Challenger Lifts, Forward, Champion Air Compressors, and more. We also service a variety of brands, including Snap-on and Rotary.

Though we are primarily a local business, we have begun to branch out into many areas throughout Oklahoma, as well as some surrounding states. Distance does not have to be a limiting factor. We can distribute straight to your home!

If you want your shop or business in trusted, diligent hands, we are the crew for you. We treat each customer as we would want to be treated- always upholding the Golden Rule! Our integrity has allowed our business to flourish and we are grateful for the support and for our returning customers. 



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Servicing OK, AR, MO, TX, NM, CO, KS



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Serving these brands and more!

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customer review

Spencer, Customer

Excellent Service! They do great work!

customer review

Michael, Customer

Great prices and excellent work. They genuinely care about how the work they do will work for you and will spend the time making sure equipment is placed best for you instead of just getting the job done

to go home.

customer review

Jim, Customer

Prompt and excellent service. Did what he said he was gonna do when he said he was going to do it- actually even earlier.



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Head Office

Mannford, Oklahoma; located near Tulsa


TEL: 918-812-3480




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